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    Prague Restaurants You Can’t Miss

    Dobry den! or Hello! When researching what to eat in Prague, there is no shortage of results listing Czech foods like goulash (stew), svíčková (braised beef in creamy vegetable sauce), chlebíček (open-faced sandwiches), and other fun items like smažený sýr which is fried cheese served with tartar sauce! Fun fact: Although goulash actually originated in medieval Hungary, Czechs have put their own spin on it by serving with bread dumplings or knedliky to soak up all of the yummy flavors. Many Czech dishes are hearty and can keep your stomach full for hours so I wanted to find a few alternatives which are still enjoyed by locals.  Keep reading to find…

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    Local Food Favorites in Saigon

    Local Food Favorites in Saigon

    Two days isn’t quite enough time to discover, eat, and digest all of the food offered in a single district of Saigon’s twenty-four unique locales. Though not my first time in the popular Southern city, it was my first time actually wandering the streets of Saigon as a tourist. I had an unofficial tour through the different neighborhoods and finally experienced the bustling, tourist-laden streets of the area known as Backpacker’s District. By no means is this an exhaustive list of all of the amazing Vietnamese food scattered around Saigon, but the following establishments are the ones I would return to without hesitation. The list below was recommended by locals…

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    New York Food Tour

    NYC Food Tour in East Village

    As someone who never seems to have enough time to truly explore a new place, I’m unsure why tours have never made it onto my itinerary. Tours are a great way to combine history, tips, local perspectives and sometimes food to provide a brief taste of the area. Free Tours by Foot offers walking tours for a pay-what-you-wish price upon completion. The company offers many types of tours: walking, bus, boat, biking, food, even self-guided and further separates tours by specific neighborhood (multiple times a day). Upon reserving your space(s) online, you will receive an email detailing meeting specifics and tour guide contact information. Bring about $14 cash (one dollar…