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    What to Know Before Going to Japan (Do’s and Don’ts)

    Shibuya Japan Intersection

    Japan is a fascinating country! It is easily one of the top places I have visited to date (even if I only visited a teeny, tiny small fraction of one of the islands in a country comprised of 6,852 islands). The combination of culture, people, food, and scenery all contribute to the environment which makes it exponentially different than any other place I've traveled. Despite the crowd of tourists that flock to the country, there are no shortages of activities as Japan is incredibly unique. Here are some simple unwritten (but now written) rules to keep in mind as you explore all that is Japan.

  • Japan,  Travel Tips

    Is the JR Pass Worth It?

    Whenever someone asks me whether they should purchase a JR pass, I only need to ask one question. Are you traveling from Tokyo to either Kyoto or Osaka and back? If the answer is yes, so is mine. A one-way trip from Tokyo anywhere into the Kansai region, which includes the popular destinations previously mentioned, costs $130 USD. A roundtrip ticket will cost $260. The JR pass costs $260, but it is valid for 7 days on any JR transport lines. Essentially you’re paying the same amount to get there and back, but you will save more with the JR pass since you can utilize JR lines to get around…