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    How to Effortlessly Travel Around Venice

    Venice Travel Options

    The Venice depicted in photographs is usually what comes to mind when people refer to the floating city. However, the lagoon is actually just a part of the city of Venice, as there are other surrounding islands and even a mainland referred to as Mestre. Venice lagoon is comprised of smaller islands with hundreds of bridges linking them to each other. It is pedestrian-friendly making it easy to wander through the neighborhoods without worrying about cars, bikes, or cross lights! While walking is my preferred mode of exploration in Venice, don’t disregard the value of water buses or vaporetto if it will get you to your intended destination faster than…

  • Italy,  Travel Tips

    Marco Polo Airport to Venice via Water Transport

    Did you know that the main airport in Venice isn’t located on the island? Venice airport, formally known as Marco Polo Airport is actually on the mainland of Venice. So how exactly does one get to the Venice archipelago? The cluster of islands that make up Venice is not difficult to reach, but the various modes of transportation available can become overwhelming. Transport by water versus land is recommended and probably the most popular method. There are a few options varying in travel time and cost. The faster the journey, the pricier it is. While the slow and steady option wins the money-saving race. How to choose? If you’ve got…