• Czech Republic,  Diary

    Travel Diary: Exploring Prague

    A few things happened before we finally arrived: a cancelled flight in Venice, rescheduled flight with a layover in Warsaw, flight to Vienna, and finally a four-hour train ride to Prague. Note: This is normal and not uncommon in Europe. If something does go according to plan, we consider ourselves lucky. Arriving much later than intended, the station was quite vacant and suddenly I realized we didn’t know where to go. Hours of watching videos describing the process of purchasing train tickets and directions are down the drain and my cranial region feels like an empty shell with nothing useful to contribute to the current situation. To this day I still…

  • Travel Tips

    Travel Tip: How to Avoid Extra Credit Card Fees

    Guide to avoiding Credit Card Fees Abroad

    If you plan on using a credit card abroad, you should be aware of two separate fees. One fee is associated with your credit card and one (can totally be avoided) at the register. You can control whether you’ll have to pay for one, both, or none if you prepare yourself first! FOREIGN TRANSACTION FEES Charges made using your credit card outside of the issuing country can be subjected to foreign transaction fees. (In fact, you don’t need to even travel abroad to be charged this fee if the transaction somehow involves a foreign bank.) This fee is entirely dependent on your card’s fine print, so be sure to look…

  • Italy,  Travel Tips

    Marco Polo Airport to Venice via Water Transport

    Did you know that the main airport in Venice isn’t located on the island? Venice airport, formally known as Marco Polo Airport is actually on the mainland of Venice. So how exactly does one get to the Venice archipelago? The cluster of islands that make up Venice is not difficult to reach, but the various modes of transportation available can become overwhelming. Transport by water versus land is recommended and probably the most popular method. There are a few options varying in travel time and cost. The faster the journey, the pricier it is. While the slow and steady option wins the money-saving race. How to choose? If you’ve got…

  • Bites,  New York

    New York Food Tour

    NYC Food Tour in East Village

    As someone who never seems to have enough time to truly explore a new place, I’m unsure why tours have never made it onto my itinerary. Tours are a great way to combine history, tips, local perspectives and sometimes food to provide a brief taste of the area. Free Tours by Foot offers walking tours for a pay-what-you-wish price upon completion. The company offers many types of tours: walking, bus, boat, biking, food, even self-guided and further separates tours by specific neighborhood (multiple times a day). Upon reserving your space(s) online, you will receive an email detailing meeting specifics and tour guide contact information. Bring about $14 cash (one dollar…

  • Japan,  Travel Tips

    Is the JR Pass Worth It?

    Whenever someone asks me whether they should purchase a JR pass, I only need to ask one question. Are you traveling from Tokyo to either Kyoto or Osaka and back? If the answer is yes, so is mine. A one-way trip from Tokyo anywhere into the Kansai region, which includes the popular destinations previously mentioned, costs $130 USD. A roundtrip ticket will cost $260. The JR pass costs $260, but it is valid for 7 days on any JR transport lines. Essentially you’re paying the same amount to get there and back, but you will save more with the JR pass since you can utilize JR lines to get around…