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    Seattle Food Guide for a One Day Visit

    Sometimes all you need is a weekend trip to reset and refresh your mind and your stomach. I headed to Washington to visit some family and we traversed Seattle together for a full day of eating in different neighborhoods. After eating or drinking almost every hour from morning to evening, I've compiled a list of a few unique places. If you're planning on a quick trip to Seattle and you need a few good food options, look no further for a delicious one day Seattle food guide perfect for a weekend in Emerald City.

  • Bites,  Hawaii

    Ultimate Guide to Shave Ice in Oahu, Hawaii

    In the capital city of Honolulu, you will find more than a dozen shave ice shops to choose from. There are local mom and pop shops, franchises, tiny stalls, and those located in a large strip mall. It can be downright terrifying with all these delicious choices! Luckily, I’ve taken care of the difficult parts for you. I've climbed the highest mountains, went down the lowest valleys, and added several pounds to my waist to create this comprehensive guide to shave ice in Oahu so you can head straight to the one that speaks to you most.

  • New York

    Sleep No More Tips

    Sleep No More is set in the 1930s and based on Shakespeare’s Macbeth with influences of suspense from Alfred Hitchcock and dark shadowy scenes characteristic of film noir. Typical theatrical shows consist of an audience viewing the onstage performance from their seats, but not this one! You will be standing among a sea of silhouettes in gray masks, while performers dance, act, and take you on a tantalizing journey. Sleep No More is a silent, immersive production where you follow the transient characters and possibly participate in scenes without knowing in advance. (The actors will just take your hand and lead you a few steps by their side.) Tickets can…

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    New York Food Tour

    As someone who never seems to have enough time to truly explore a new place, I’m unsure why tours have never made it onto my itinerary. Tours are a great way to combine history, tips, local perspectives and sometimes food to provide a brief taste of the area. Free Tours by Foot offers walking tours for a pay-what-you-wish price upon completion. The company offers many types of tours: walking, bus, boat, biking, food, even self-guided and further separates tours by specific neighborhood (multiple times a day). Upon reserving your space(s) online, you will receive an email detailing meeting specifics and tour guide contact information. Bring about $14 cash (one dollar…