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Seattle Food Guide for a One Day Visit

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Sometimes all you need is a weekend trip to reset and refresh both your mind and your stomach. Thanks to an awesome airfare deal and beautiful weather, we headed to Washington to visit family and explore the downtown Seattle food scene together!

If you’re planning on a quick trip to Seattle and you need a few good food options, follow along for a delicious one day Seattle food guide perfect for a weekend in Emerald City.


Start your day off at Tempesta Coffee for extraordinary yeast-risen donuts that don’t require more than a 3-minute queue. While they offer a variety of creative flavors, the dough itself is what differentiates them from other shops. I am still in awe of their impressive crispiness without compromising on the fluffy inside.

Seattle Food Donuts
Despite the cake donut appearance, the fluffy interior is not to be missed!

Seattle is populated by donut shops with multiple locations throughout the city, but don’t dismiss Tempesta just because it isn’t the first to rank in your search results. Aside from an eye-catching teal colored brick wall, this small corner shop has no other fancy displays or signs. It is a modest, grab-and-go place as there is no seating. Once you take that first bite, you will understand my obsession and why they have become the best donuts I have ever tasted in Seattle or elsewhere.

A peek at some of the flavors you might find on your visit are donuts like Lemon Pistachio, Lavender Blueberry, and Baklava! Since it is a small batch shop, they have a limited selection that varies from 5-10 flavors daily so get there early for some hot treats!

Recommendation: Cinnamon sugar because it reminds me of a churro in donut form! If you enjoy coffee, don’t forget to grab a cup of joe because they serve a good cup here!


Attention ginger lovers! Quench your thirst or sip on a refreshment while wandering through Pike Place Market! Rachel’s Ginger Beer is a popular beverage establishment in Seattle. While they specialize in a selection of (non-alcoholic) ginger beer, there are a few alcoholic concoctions and even soft-serve available on the menu! They offer about 10 different ginger beer flavors that you can request to sample once you get to the register.

Seattle Food Bottles of Rachel's Ginger Beer

Overall the ginger flavor is mellow which balances well with the selection of rotating flavors.

Recommendation: White Peach for a refreshing sip and the Spicy Pineapple for a pleasant zing and great pineapple flavor.


Popularized by its location along the famous Seattle waterfront market, Pike Place Chowder has won many accolades for their chowder and I can finally weigh in on my thoughts having tried it for the first time. I am pleased to say that their New England Clam Chowder was wonderfully delicious and now understand why they have earned a lifetime of awards. The soup is not only creamy, but very flavorful and includes a generous amount of clams, potatoes, onions and bacon bits!

Seattle food Chowder bowls and fried clam strips
(L to R) Manhattan style, New England clam, Southwestern Chicken & Corn, Lobster Chowder

Pro-tip: If you aren’t keen on waiting in line at their Pike Place location, there’s a second location at Pacific Place Center with no line and happy hour deals from 4-7 pm everyday! Take advantage of the four chowder sampler for only $13.95 (which is more than $10 off original prices)!

Recommendation: Try the sampler, otherwise make sure to get the New England Clam Chowder and perfectly crispy clam strips & fries for $6.45 HH price!


Want a casual dinner after a full day of eating? Bring your appetite to Katsu Burger for a creative take on the traditional cheeseburger with a fun twist–a deep fried patty (meat or vegetarian)! I stopped by their new shop in Federal Way, but you can find three locations in Seattle that serve up the same menu. The service is impeccable as the young man behind the counter patiently walked us through the offerings and included his suggestions for nearly five minutes.

Katsu Burger is suitable for all diets as they have protein options that can be substituted in any burger. You can choose between the local beef, natural chicken or pork, and organic tofu patties. Their patties are served golden brown and piled high with pickles, onions, shredded cabbage, tomatoes, and homemade sauce(s) complimenting the burger style. Don’t pass on the fries! They are crispy shoe-string fries that are flavored with your choice of seasoning and dipping sauces. One of my favorite fries to date!

Seattle food Burgers and fries at Katsu Burger

Recommended: Kyoto Melt (beef patty, shiitake mushrooms, Swiss & American cheese, cabbage, Japanese mayo, and Katsu sauce) and an order of the 12-spice fries with Miso-Honey Mustard sauce! *Make it a meal to get a side of fries and a drink from their Jones soda fountain!

Are there any other places you loved in Seattle or neighboring cities in Washington? Let me know in the comments!

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