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Prague Restaurants You Can’t Miss

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Dobry den! or Hello!

When researching what to eat in Prague, there is no shortage of results listing Czech foods like goulash (stew), svíčková (braised beef in creamy vegetable sauce), chlebíček (open-faced sandwiches), and other fun items like smažený sýr which is fried cheese served with tartar sauce!

Fun fact: Although goulash actually originated in medieval Hungary, Czechs have put their own spin on it by serving with bread dumplings or knedliky to soak up all of the yummy flavors.

Many Czech dishes are hearty and can keep your stomach full for hours so I wanted to find a few alternatives which are still enjoyed by locals.  Keep reading to find out my favorite place for goulash and other notable discoveries!

Lokal Dlouhaa

Lokal Dlouhaaa Prague Daily Menu page 1
Lokal Dlouhaaa menu

Cost: 35-169 CZK ($1.70-8.00 USD)

Specialty: Traditional Czech cuisine

Pork knuckle goulash – tender shank meat surrounded in a pool of savory stew made of pork broth, garlic, paprika, caraway seeds, onions

Bread dumplings (side order) – boiled loaf of white bread resembling soft pillows served in slices to dip into any saucy meal

Lokal serves a number of hearty Czech dishes to both tourists and locals. The casual Prague restaurant is reminiscent of a large dining hall with waitstaff back and forth taking orders or delivering food.

They have a daily menu consisting of sausage, beef tartare, fried cheese, and a variety of pork and beef items as well as a large drink menu where you will find that the beer costs the same price as some of the side dishes! The entrees that we ordered were delightfully satisfying as the protein was tender and the flavors were well married. Don’t pass on the knedliky (bread dumplings) as you’ll want it to soak up every last drop of the savory sauce.

Pork knuckle goulash at Lokal Restaurant in Prague
Pork knuckle goulash with fresh horseradish shavings & side of bread dumplings
Full glass of Raspberry Beer at Lokal Dlouhaaa in Prague
Raspberry beer (Pilsner with in-house raspberry puree)

Service will vary as I had a “normal” visit with bouts of good and bad service. While the two who dined on the left had no chance to order even when we finished our meal. What it lacks in service, it makes up for in warm, comforting food! It turns out that Lokal serves my favorite goulash of all the ones I tried during my trip. The pork was perfectly tender and the bold sauce complimented the meat while being a delicious pool for the soft dumplings.

Bistro Spejle

Window displaying Spejle sign from the inside of restaurant

Cost: 29 CZK per skewer ($1.38 USD)

Specialty: Fusion Tapas

Food/Drink Recommendation:

Try all the food!

Homemade Ginger soda – Lightly sweetened with a spicy ginger kick, accompanied by slices of fresh ginger and bubbly carbonated soda

Spejle Restaurant menu front cover and vessel to hold used skewers
Vessel to hold used skewers from tapas

Spejle offers tapas with a twist! The small servings are placed along the bar for customers to select and bring back to their table. You can find a dozen varieties of open-faced sandwiches with assorted toppings, cold appetizers, warm bites, and a few dessert options. Each bite-sized dish will include a skewer (or two) that should be placed in the spherical vessel on each table to collect used skewers. At the end of the meal, the total price is based on the amount of used skewers. Spejle is a good place to sample a lot of food in a casual, modern setting. Get ready for an explosion of flavors and textures!

Various open faced sandwiches and homemade ginger lemonade at Spejle in Prague
Brie with prosciutto & balsamic glaze drizzle on a spread of fruit preserve; Roast beef with horseradish paste and sliced pickles; Sliced beef marinated in hoisin sauce with thinly sliced thai chili, scallions, pickled ginger topped with sesame seeds
Half glass full ginger soda made in-house and skewer container at Spejle Restaurant in Prague
Ginger soda (half-full) made in-house

Note: There are no labels on any of the food. If you are an adventurous eater, this would be the perfect place to visit. If you are a conservative eater, now is your chance to step out of your comfort zone and grab whatever looks good (at least they are all wallet-friendly and in small portions)!


Storefront antrance into Eska Restaurant in Prague

Cost: 115-358 CZK ($5.50-17.00 USD)

Specialty: Modern European

Potatoes in ash – Roasted potatoes (cooked in edible ash) in a pool of creamy kefir soup with scattered pieces of smoked fish. The soup is topped with dried egg yolk shavings and sprinkled with chives and dill.

Bread – Soft bread with a crispy outer crust made and baked in house

Fermented drink – Bubbly fruit juice similar to kombucha made in-house (Order red currant if available)

Potatoes in Ash dish at Eska Restaurant in Prague
“Potatoes in ash” potatoes, smoked fish, dried egg yolk, kefir, dill, chives

Eska is not a typical Czech restaurant where you will find classic Czech dishes. Instead, it is a bakery and cafe on the first floor which offers baked goods like their special sourdough bread, pastries, and coffee. The second floor dining room serves grilled veggies, soup, beef tartare, their signature potatoes in ash dish, and plenty more. If you dine-in during lunch, you will receive complimentary house-made bread and churned butter plated on a cold stone. Amazing service and delicious, creative approaches to food.

Currant and Apple & Cinnamon Fermented drinks from Eska Restaurant in Prague
House-made fermented drinks: Currant, Apple & Cinnamon

Fun fact: In 2018, Eska earned a Michelin Bib Gourmand, which is awarded to establishments for “good food at an affordable price” – MY mantra for all things gastronomy!

Before heading to any restaurant (especially those highly rated online), check out whether you can view their daily menu online & make reservations for a hassle-free visit.

Let me know in the comments which of these you’d like to try! If you’ve visited Prague before, what are the places or foods you recommend?


    • tammy

      Thank you for stopping by Rhianna! Ah, goulash is actually from Hungary! A few countries make their own version of goulash and I found that I really enjoyed the Czech version especially with their bread dumplings. Mmmm the options are limitless when it comes to open-face sandwiches!

    • tammy

      Hi Alex! Thank you for asking. You have inspired me to include vegetarian options in future food posts. While I did not visit any vegetarian restaurants on my trip, I would have to recommend Lehká hlava as I have read nothing but good things! Their menu looks amazing and I am actually drooling over a truffle bulgur risotto with portobello, chanterelles, and arugula they offer. Yum!

  • Janey

    Mm-hmm.. I loved the food in Prague!! Can’t say I’ve been to the restaurants you’ve mentioned but I’ve certainly tried these local dishes. But my all time favourite food front Prague is their tartare with garlic bread!! Yum!

    • tammy

      Hi Janey! Wish I could have tried the tartare! I was quite tempted on a few occasions, but I have a sensitive stomach 🙁 If I get a chance to return, I will brave it out and suffer the repercussions for the sake of good food! 🙂

  • Diani

    Wow! I am hoping to go to Praugue this year. I am definitely gonna use this article as my starting point cause these foods are so foreign to me!

    • tammy

      Thank you for stopping by! Prague is such an easy city to explore, you’ll have a great time. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the food – I hope you do too! Looking forward to your future Prague posts 🙂

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